Relocation to SF: San Francisco History & Facts, moving costs

Relocation to SF: San Francisco History & Facts, moving costs

San Francisco movers know that many people choose to come to the city for its laid back atmosphere and yet sophisticated lifestyle at the same time. It is a broad-minded city that has a diverse range of lifestyles that allows most anyone to be accepted in the city.

San Francisco A-Z Movers is one of the many San Francisco moving companies that can supply potential movers to the area with San Francisco moving quotes. These quotes typically include the cost of moving the boxes from inside the home to the truck, transporting them to the new home and unloading them to the inside of the new home. However, some San Francisco movers also include added options such as helping the family box their belongings. This is a time-saving option that many people choose to help them save time.

San Francisco History & Facts

San Francisco was transformed many years ago by the gold rush that had people rushing into the city. This brought a wide range of people from around the world into the San Francisco area and led to the city being home to many cultures.

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There are many things that San Francisco residents can learn about the city that are not common knowledge and make for interesting conversation. Some San Francisco movers have these tidbits of knowledge and can help the newcomer learn some interesting facts. Including some of those listed here.

  • The Chinese Fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Park’s Tea Garden. These tasty, fun little cookies would become a part of the American Chinese dinner tradition and become served around the United States by the thousands on a daily basis.
  • San Francisco residents surely know that their city is built on steep, curving streets; what they might not know is how many or how steep the streets are. San Francisco is built on 43 curving, steep streets, the steepest being Leavenworth at 31.5 degrees.
  • An odd fact about San Francisco is that no one is buried in the city, at least not since 1901. In that year burials were outlawed and San Francisco became the first city to make it illegal to bury someone in the city. San Francisco residents are buried in Colma, a neighboring town. This makes Colma a town with more dead residents than living ones.
  • San Francisco is the only city to have a National Historic Landmark that moves. The San Francisco cable cars that move 9 mph are designated a National Historic Landmark and rode on by over 9 million visitors each year.
  • Many people who see Alcatraz immediately think of Al Capone or Birdman Stroud; however, what is not immediately known to visitors but should be known to residents of the city is that Alcatraz was originally a military fort.
  • Famous facts are always fun pieces of trivia and most movers will be able to point out the San Francisco City Hall where President Warren G. Harding lay in state. However, the most interesting fact is that this is the City Hall where Joe Di Maggio married Marilyn Monroe and where Harvey Milk was assassinated in 1978.

San Francisco Moving Costs

San Francisco transplants can find many more interesting and trivial facts about their new home to share with their friends by asking people they meet during their move, such as their moving company. The average price for local move is about 1400$, also you should contact your personal moving manager to learn the price for long-distance move because there are many factors that can influence the final estimate. People like San Francisco movers who traverse the city daily and know the ins and outs can be a handy source of information.

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