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12 Tips for coping with a move with children

12 Tips for coping with a move with children

It is possible that at some point in your life you find yourself in a situation of having to change your home, because the family is growing and you need space or for professional, financial purposes. If this can be stressful for you, imagine how it can be for your children.

Children feel more comfortable in a familiar environment, and it can be difficult for them to accept changes.

To make this process more bearable for you and your family, we offer you these tips:

  1. Let the children know as soon as the move is decided.
  2. Answer all your questions with the utmost sincerity. Listen to them and be receptive. Each child is different, so they can react in different ways to the idea of ​​moving.
  3. Let your child participate in planning and decision making, as much as possible.
  4. Let them see that it will be fun.
  5. Find out about the new area, so you can transmit to your children how interesting it can be: activities, places of interest, shops. If possible, visit the new place with your children before the move. Teach them the new school, the nearby shopping center or anything that can encourage them.
  6. Give your children time and the opportunity to say goodbye to important people in their lives: teachers, classmates, neighbors.
  7. Let your children get involved in the move by putting their things in boxes, labeling them and organizing them. The things that your children appreciate a lot, if possible, keep them at hand, and let the children know where they are.
  8. Take time to explore the neighborhood with your family. Once the move has taken place, first unpack the essentials to settle, and go to visit parks, shops, meet neighbors, etc.
  9. Try to maintain your routine and usual schedules.
  10. Contribute to your children to make new friendships with neighbors and at school. Enroll him in extracurricular activities in the new neighborhood.
  11. Let the children give their opinion on the decoration of the new house, especially when choosing things for their bedrooms.
  12. Regularly ask how things are going after the move.
  13. Finally, try to bring the change in the most positive way, since children are greatly affected by the moods and attitudes of their parents, and hope to reassure them and give them security. Listen to them.
12 Best tips for packing when you change your house or apartment

12 Best tips for packing when you change your house or apartment

The illusion of buying a new house or apartment is always exciting, but we never think about all the work that goes with the purchase – the move!

That is why it is necessary to know tips from people who have already gone through this stage so that packing is not so tedious and difficult.

The change of residence is an excellent opportunity to review all the things in the house and choose what you really want to keep and what things you want to discard.

Also, the fewer objects you have for the day of the move, it will be easier.

First of all, it is best to make a list of what you will need to pack all your things. The elements you will need are the following:

  1. Packaging tape
  2. Labels to identify what’s inside the box
  3. A rule
  4. Scissors
  5. A cutter
  6. Boxes
  7. Bags

When you have all these items ready, now is the time to pack up and here we have a list of tips to make your packing and moving days more fun and less boring:

Get rid of everything

Well, at least of almost everything. The most things you do not use can be donated by a non-profit organization, given to family members or some people choose to do a garage sale.

Be quite demanding and honest with yourself about really what you need to take to your new home.

Organize everything by categories

It is recommended to organize your belongings by category and not by room. Take into account that the organization by category applies only in the process of organization not to the packaging process.

Check your closet, laundry, and clothes to wash until your clothes are sorted and sorted in their proper place.

Do the same with books, shoes, and any other objects that are of importance.

Pendings list

When you make a move either apartment or home you have many things in your head and many details to take into account, so as not to make this experience tedious, it is recommended to create a list.

Every time you think about something you need to remember or do hours later, it is better to aim it and be more effective with the move.

Schedule disconnections and change of address

One of the things we most hear from people who change their apartment or house is that they always have problems with the disconnection of services such as:

  1. Light
  2. Water
  3. Cable
  4. Internet
  5. Subscriptions of newspapers or magazines
  6. Change address for package delivery

It is important to take this into account so that when you change your address do not pay extra for services from your previous home and also not reach the new home without having the services working.

Schedule your move

Not all the work of moving is done in a single day, it is recommended to make a moving calendar to date important things such as:

  1. Basic implements of the move mentioned at the beginning of this article
  2. Get boxes
  3. Hire a moving company
  4. Seek help from family or friends, to notify them in advance
  5. Add any other detail that is important to you

Where to get moving boxes?

You can visit the grocery store or supermarket closest to your residence to which you can request boxes, it is recommended to get boxes of a good size to be able to load a good amount of personal utensils. It is necessary to do this with time to be able to have a variety of box sizes, it is necessary to take into account to reinforce the boxes with packing tape to avoid accidents during the move.

If you hire a moving service, they usually include the boxes in the service fee. Some people tend to keep boxes of special appliances but could reuse them for the move. Take into account using small boxes for heavier things.

Visit a hardware store prior to moving

This advice is aimed at people who do not tend to work in their homes and do not have tools, it is important to take into account having basic tools because they can be very useful during the move.


  1. Drill
  2. Hammer
  3. Screwdrivers
  4. Broom and shovel
  5. Garbage bags
  6. Packaging tape

How to pack dishes?

The best tip to pack dishes is to do it vertically and not horizontally. When you have already filled the box with the plates vertically, add either paper or plastic with bubbles to prevent the dishes from being mistreated and breaking.

How to avoid spills of liquids?

It is recommended to take the time and do a tedious job to remove the lid of the product and put a bag in the middle and close it again, in this way you can rest easy and ensure that you will not spill any type of liquid.

Choose the day of your move

Whether you are hiring a moving company or doing it by your own means, it is recommended to start planning a month in advance so that the day you move is not unforeseen that can complicate and generate unnecessary stress that can avoid.

It is recommended to make the move either a weekend or a holiday so you can spend a day or a weekend to be installed in your new apartment or house.

Do not want to do the move yourself?

Many people do not want to do all the house or apartment change work regarding the move. It is always recommended to look for moving companies that are serious and avoid looking for inexperienced people who may end up damaging your belongings. If you decide to opt for a service, it is recommended to ask for references.

One of the best tips is to take pictures with your cell phone to different things like the back of the TV where the connections go from either DVD, Home Theater, Bluray, video game consoles, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo etc.

It is also very important to take a picture of your new home; In this way you can plan what boxes should go in each space. So you will not have problems when unpacking since everything will be in its proper space for accommodation.

The best plan is to start the process of packing the most difficult rooms to pack so that it becomes easier the closer you get to the day of the move. Storage rooms, such as garages and basements, are often the most difficult spaces to pack.

Here are some tips that can help you facilitate the move to your new home, if you have any other tip that we did not mention in our list please share in the comments we would love to read it.



Moving is usually an overwhelming task that can end up being the most stressful. Moving the belongings of a lifetime from one home to another can generate anxiety before you even begin.

Carry out a quick and easy change is possible, it’s all about organizing. Before accessing this adventure and loading the car or truck with everything, you should geta rough idea of ​​how to start so as not to block yourself. With this article we want to help you and, for that reason, we offer you 8 tips to have an ideal move.

The best recommendations for a quick move

When there are  long distance moves, they pose a greater challenge and are not too economical. That’s why you have to make sure you get the most out of the available vehicle space, whether it’s a rental truck or your brother’s van.

In addition to the tips to make the move without dying in the attempt, these 8 tips will help you save everything in the best way possible:

Before you start, clean everything up. It can be complicated at first, but little by little you will go into the matter and you will realize that it is not so difficult to make it move effectively. Simply get rid of everything you do not want anymore, everything you no longer need, the only thing it does is eat space.

Leave some drawers without emptying. This is very practical advice that will take you to make an easy and quick change. The lighter things can go perfectly inside your furniture. Leave your clothes in the drawers and protect them well so that it does not come off. That way, once you arrive at your destination you will hardly have to place them and it will be easier to find them.

Use garbage bags. It may seem a little shabby, but it’s a great idea. The trash bags are strong and large, and you can store many soft things like pillows, stuffed animals, bedding, etc. In addition, you can put them in the holes or free corners left by the vehicle. This way you will kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, you save space and, on the other, you protect your furniture during the journey. It uses insulating tape to close them well and includes a sticker to know its contents.

Before moving, paint your new house. It is logical, painting an empty house is much easier than a furnished one. Before placing all your things, take care of it as soon as possible. This advice is also valid for any other task that you have pending in your new home, such as changing the floor or doing a rigorous cleaning.

Find out about the services of your new home. This advice is not related to the issue we are dealing with, like making an easy and quick change, but it is certainly highly recommended. Do not throw yourself into the pool without informing yourself beforehand and see several options before hiring your main service providers.

It’s okay to throw more things after the move. It is important that you try to get rid of everything you do not need before making the move so that everything is easier for you, but nothing happens if you do it later. In addition, it is possible that only there you will realize that some things do not fit as you thought.

Important: you need an adaptation time. Clear your schedule of commitments and give yourself time for that period of adaptation. It should be not less than a week to accommodate the change!

Do not get overwhelmed, buying new things is normal. Out of stress, you’re not the only person in the world who has had to move and buy a lot of new things. It is logical that you acquire everything you need to occupy the spaces of your new home. Reserve a little of your budget for these additional expenses and you will be ready to face it.

Clean a house before moving

Clean a house before moving

Changing a house is something that we do a few times in life, and although it is an important moment during which we are very excited, it is also one of the most complex tasks people face. You have to prepare all the documentation, do all the packing, make the transfer and, above all, the cleaning of the home.

However, cleaning a house before moving is an essential task before moving a house, and therefore, we must take into account some aspects to do so in the shortest time possible and making the most of all resources.

How to clean a new home.

Although we may think that when we get the keys for a new home it will be very clean, but usually we have to go over all the dirt that has accumulated until the moment you make the move. The construction workers, the real estate agents, the people who have visited it – there are many factors that make a new home dirty, and therefore, we must follow the following cleaning tips.

  1. Cleaning from top to bottom. The last step is to clean the floor, since the dirt accumulated in the upper part will fall. If there is dust on walls and ceilings, you must first start with it to avoid having to clean twice. This task will be faster than in a house that has already been inhabited, but even so it is convenient to do a review on dust cleaning.
  2. Painting walls. The walls will be white, so before you buy or move your furniture, it’s time to paint them. You should also assess if you want to leave them as they are or apply a technique: stucco, smoothing, wallpaper … It is not a cleaning method as such, but it helps to look with a renewed look since you can eliminate possible rascones or generated frictions .
  3. Cleaning of the toilet. Although your bathroom has not been used so far, the cleanliness of the bathroom is not usually impeccable in the delivery of keys. You must bear in mind that both the day of the move and once you have to put all your belongings you will be very busy, so the ideal is to clean the toilet of your new home before the move.

Cleaning a house before and after a move

Do the cleaning before moving in

  1. Brighten and treat floors. Once you have placed all the furniture in your new home it will be much more complicated thoroughly clean the floor of your home. Therefore, for a complete cleaning, also make a polishing and treatment of the floor before making the final move. It will be much more complicated with furniture and you will have to protect it so that it does not get dirty.
  2. Cleaning of less accessible areas. If the home has appliances, the area where it has been placed will be one of the points where you should strive the most, as this is where the most dirt has accumulated and where the previous owners have had less access to cleaning. Also keep in mind that you have to clean other complicated places such as the interior of kitchen furniture, window frames and baseboards and moldings.
  3. Heating and air. The radiators, as well as the entrances and exits of the air conditioning, are also areas that must be cleaned thoroughly before moving. There are places in the house that we do not usually pay attention to in terms of cleanliness, so if you move to a second-hand home, you should review the dust and dirt before your move.
  4. Oven cleaning. The kitchen is one of the areas of the house where there is always more dirt, and in addition to cleaning the kitchen furniture thoroughly, you also have to dedicate time to cleaning two corners: the oven and the range hood. If the plate of the latter is removable, it is best to direct it to the dishwasher; then use a degreaser for the entire outside of the hood. With regard to the oven, use specific products so that the interior of the oven is clean as the first day.

Cleaning after a transfer

During a move, whether you hire a moving company or you do it yourself, there are many people who are involved. Therefore, before starting with cleaning, we must know that the soil suffers most due to stains and footprints that are generated in the transfer. In addition, many boxes or furniture are dragged and external dirt can enter your new floor. Before doing a thorough cleaning after finishing the transfer, first place the furniture in the rooms and unpack the boxes, this way you only have to do a more superficial cleaning. The crockery and cutlery will have been packed in newspaper, bubble or similar, so do not forget that once you have finished the move you should wash them before putting them in their place.

Hire a cleaning service

On the other hand, if the floors are stained and you want to renew them completely, the best option is to have professionals who know how to make them look like in the first day. Marble, terrazzo, mud, wood … Each material requires special care and treatments that only cleaning experts know how to make them shiny and impeccable.