12 Tips for coping with a move with children

12 Tips for coping with a move with children

It is possible that at some point in your life you find yourself in a situation of having to change your home, because the family is growing and you need space or for professional, financial purposes. If this can be stressful for you, imagine how it can be for your children.

Children feel more comfortable in a familiar environment, and it can be difficult for them to accept changes.

To make this process more bearable for you and your family, we offer you these tips:

  1. Let the children know as soon as the move is decided.
  2. Answer all your questions with the utmost sincerity. Listen to them and be receptive. Each child is different, so they can react in different ways to the idea of ​​moving.
  3. Let your child participate in planning and decision making, as much as possible.
  4. Let them see that it will be fun.
  5. Find out about the new area, so you can transmit to your children how interesting it can be: activities, places of interest, shops. If possible, visit the new place with your children before the move. Teach them the new school, the nearby shopping center or anything that can encourage them.
  6. Give your children time and the opportunity to say goodbye to important people in their lives: teachers, classmates, neighbors.
  7. Let your children get involved in the move by putting their things in boxes, labeling them and organizing them. The things that your children appreciate a lot, if possible, keep them at hand, and let the children know where they are.
  8. Take time to explore the neighborhood with your family. Once the move has taken place, first unpack the essentials to settle, and go to visit parks, shops, meet neighbors, etc.
  9. Try to maintain your routine and usual schedules.
  10. Contribute to your children to make new friendships with neighbors and at school. Enroll him in extracurricular activities in the new neighborhood.
  11. Let the children give their opinion on the decoration of the new house, especially when choosing things for their bedrooms.
  12. Regularly ask how things are going after the move.
  13. Finally, try to bring the change in the most positive way, since children are greatly affected by the moods and attitudes of their parents, and hope to reassure them and give them security. Listen to them.

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